About Me

With my home base in Cleveland, Ohio, I have been fortunate to observe and understand the way fetish and kink shape and satisfy it's adherents over the past seven years. Truly, it gives me joy to be privy to so many people's sexual secrets and to be instrumental in breathing life into their fantasies. Yes, I look great in latex, but my real fetish is turning fantasy into life.

It’s difficult finding someone who is truly invested in seeing your fantasies come to life with all their subtleties and nuance. You need to be told what to do, for better or worse, it’s just who you are. For what seems like your whole life, you’ve had this need or a fascination that must be tended to. But with so many claiming to be what I am or seeking to outright deceive you, tending to that burning desire sometimes seems impossible. I exist for those desires, like you need to have the itch scratched, I need to be the one that scratches. Your desire feels like it’s too big for you to handle alone. Imagination used to be  good enough, but now you need to take the big step and find the fantasy somewhere in reality. 

I am your guide, your confidante, your Mistress, I know you and your fantasy as deeply as you do, perhaps better. In this society people like me have a role to fulfill and over the past seven years, I’ve devoted myself to the task with all my being.. Without me, you’re aimless and frustrated. You crave a guide to make sense of your world,to light the path and show you the way. 

As for me, I tend to view  myself as a teacher, or perhaps some latex-clad anthropologist . For my whole life I have been deeply fascinated with how people operate and behave. Whether it’s uncovering the mundane reasons that people lie or the sordid details of a sexual fantasy, I find myself driven to understand others. With such insight, I feel compelled to either exploit or nurture and know when exploitation is nurturing. Were it not for a life-long love affair with fetish wear and a deep-seated sense of cruelty I might have become  a therapist or some sort of angry schoolteacher. Imagine that!

As with all things in life, there are rules and protocols. As you come to know me, you’ll find that I love protocol nearly as much as I love myself. There is a right way to do everything, and just as I always intend to do things correctly, so should you if you hope to be mine.

And now, this presents an interesting choice, will you get caught in my gravity and kneel in my light?  Will you seek to obtain the satisfaction that begins at my feet?

Charlotte Hell
Cleveland, OH